And the audience laughs of what they see, listen, and imagine.

(Alice Viveiros de Castro - Atriz, diretora e pesquisadora de Teatro e Circo-RJ)

The comic trio known by their technical virtuosity an intelligent humour offers the audience this hilarious pantomime performed behind the screen. The instigating and innovating IN THE HOLE is a guarantee of laughs and an absolute success for the most exigent of the spectators.

The show is composed of 5 pantomimes (10 minutes each), and they can be performed as a hole or in fragments. It is the ideal form for Varietès.

Behind a screen of around 4 feet high and 28 feet long, the ETC E TAL subverts the audience’s imagination through five hilarious pantomimes in which the spectators cannot see the hole body of the actors. From the audience everyone has the true impression of “seeing” the actors floating, flying, sinking, falling, horse riding... But most of all, it is guaranteed laugh for everyone.