Uma nova griffe de humor que surge, nesse cenário tão carente de situações risíveis.

(Lúcia Cerrone - Autora e Crítica Teatral/RJ)

The Centro Teatral e Etc e Tal performs daily routine stories in this play that brings to the theatre the language of Comics and Animation. To recreate in stage the humor and the grace of these forms of expression and mix comic situations, "gromelô" and mimic is the main purpose of the show.>> Fulano & Sicrano.

Differently from a classic mimic show, here they use their study of the pantomime and other scenic performances to reflect everyday situations, exploring the humour in a distorted way - which is very usual in cinematographic animation and cartoons.


Fulano&Sicrano has participated in many national and international festivals with 34 nominations, 23 awards, and many laughs.