This repertory company from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, constituted of three comedians - Alvaro Assad, Marcio Moura, and Melissa Teles-L˘bo, was created in 1993. The artistic research is mainly developed focusing the triad Theater-Mimic-Humor. Their permanent repertory is composed by the following plays: Fulano e Sicrano (for adults), Victor James (for children), O Macaco e a Boneca de Piche (The Monkey and the Pitch Doll)(for children), and the most recent No Buraco (In the Hole)(for adults). Nowadays, the group does in average around 150 presentations for 25.000 spectators per year. The company participates in tours e international theatre shows (Germany, Denmark, France, Portugal, Argentina and Paraguay) and national ones (RJ, SP, ES, MG, PR, SC, TO, AL, MS, BA, AC, RR, DF, PB, PA, RN, PE). Altogether there were thousands of laughs and 35 awards.

The Centro Teatral e Etc e Tal explores, since 1993, the unthoughtful possibilities of mimicry. Insanely creative, they invented the spoken mimicry. The result is a hilarious and meta-mimical game. And the audience laughs of what they see, listen, and imagine. Travelers by nature and passion, the group formed a vast repertory of shows and detached scenes that are adaptable to many spaces, audiences, and occasions.
Considering that it is a technique not very diffused and of high stylistic rigor, the Centro Teatral e Etc e Tal has conquered the respect and admiration of public and critics all over the country as an artistic nucleus which embodies technical virtuousness, scenic presence, and a unique humor in their theatric shows. .